Nutrition Course

Hi I'm Hayley, I'm a trained Nutritional Therapist....
Nowadays, it seems like everyone's shouting different things about what's healthy and what's not. Like, seriously, who has the time to figure all of that out? But hey, no worries, because that's where I come in!

I've been working with clients to overcome health challenges for over a decade. By blending cutting-edge discoveries with time-tested traditions.

I am offering a 3 month transformative package for a small group of women.

Who this course is for:

If you find yourself trapped in a cycle of low energy, dwindling motivation, and mood swings, and you're yearning to break free from old patterns and habits to unveil a vibrant new you underneath, then I've got you! Join a supportive community of like-minded women on a journey towards long-term transformation. Whether you're taking your first steps into the world of health or you're a seasoned enthusiast, rest assured, there's a treasure trove of valuable information awaiting you in this course that will unlock exactly what your body has been crying out for.

You’ll receive:

  • One hour, one to one initial assessment.
  • Individual hair test (sent from anywhere in the world to the lab in the UK) to see exactly what deficiencies you have along with insight into the presence of heavy metals, chemicals, viruses, parasites, yeast, and fungus.
  • Tailored program based on the results of the above.
  • 12 weeks of transformative content, Q&A & support.
  • Joining a user friendly social platform where all the content and interactions take place.
  • 30 mins one to one private session at the end

The 3 month transformation is broken down as follows:

Month One - Restore

Levelling up your energy, restoring deep sleep, starting new habits.

Month Two - Reorganise

Detoxing your home, kitchen and reorganising. Making super foods to add to your daily diet.

Month Three - Amplify & Sustain

Build on what you’ve learnt. Option to do a cleanse after we’ve restored deficiencies and improved overall health and lifestyle. (If breastfeeding we navigate this differently) 

Content we’ll be covering:

  • Detox pathways, understanding the body
  • Tools to support Lymph, Liver & Bowels.
  • Nutrition tweaks and hacks.
  • Gut health hacks
  • Low tox living tools including cosmetics and skincare
  • How to support your hormones
  • Supplements for longevity and glow factor

You will leave fully equipped, transformed and the most knowledgeable person you know about health!


£990 or 3x £330 monthly payments Link here


Starting 1st April (submitting health questionnaire and sending off hair sample)

Finishing 30th June  

Any questions please contact:


What people are saying from my last shorter course (without the one to one and hair test for deficiencies)….

Some Testimonials from my One to Ones

Martyn says…..

“Hayley changed my life by helping me reverse my diabetes.. I now take no medication and my pancreas has fully repaired hence perfect blood sugar.. She is a miracle worker and a saint.. Once again thank you Hayley”

Joanne says….

I had a nutritional consultation with Hayley for some niggley health problems that never seemed to resolve. I had tried many allopathic and natural approaches before I met Hayley but nothing worked. Hayley really did empower me to get to the bottom of these issues and I have never felt as healthy as I do now! She certainly has a wealth of knowledge, I feel very grateful to of crossed paths with such a wise young lady and would definitely recommend her to all!”

Salvatore says….

Hayley got me on track with my nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Problems were recognised quickly, information was explained simply and direction was given in easily digestible stages that I could manage and maintain

Kim says….

Hayley McAlinden is hands down the most knoweldgable and passionate nutritionist I have ever met (I tried various others before discovering her). After having on going health problems Hayley came to my rescue. She speaks in terminology I understand and always explains exactly why and what she is recommending

Kenny says….

Every 2 weeks, my face and arms would swell up for what seemed like no apparent reason (I’m talking Elephant man esq swelling).  Numerous medical consultations, GPs, allergenists, blood specialists etc, resulted in a gradually increasing steroid prescription to “control it”.  This cycle went on for the best part of 10 years.  A consultation with Hayley changed my life, within 10 minutes of discussing the issue, she asked if I had mercury fillings. I had, so we agreed I would have them removed and complete a detox program to remove the heavy metals.  1 year later and I’ve not had any attacks to report, and have not needed to continue the bi weekly steroid consumption.