Meet Hayley

In 2006 I began studying Natural Nutrition and with my lifestyle overhaul  I overcame my illnesses of chronic fatigue, Endometriosis and long term low immunity. I became a practising Nutritional Therapist in 2011 with a client base that is now world wide. My drive for clean living and a healthy lifestyle then evolved for me to train as a Yoga teacher in 2010 (another passion of mine!) And launch an Organic skincare range in 2018. I now teach classes, workshops and host retreats incorporating all aspects of healthy empowered living! 

My journey to toxic-free organic skincare started in 2004 when I went travelling around the world on my own at 21. I was just learning about nutrition after years of partying had taken a toll on my health, and having chronic fatigue and Endometriosis catapulted me into cleaning up all the cosmetics I was using. I was so aware of the hundreds of chemicals I was exposing myself to through all the different everyday products I was using. I was learning that 60% of what we put onto our skin, scalp, armpits etc ends up in the bloodstream and those chemicals add to our toxic load, burdening our liver and kidneys and lodging in our fat cells!
 I wanted to do what I could to be healthy and support my hormones, energy, weight, ageing and mental health. I discovered some natural skincare products in Australia and noticing how limited the UK was for clean cosmetics at the time I carried on ordering these products and had them flown over from the other side of the planet!

Over the past decade I have continued to avidly research and formulate active nutrients and botanicals to develop my own skincare range. My goal was to create an organic skincare range that was not only 100% non toxic, but where every ingredient has a beneficial action and truly worked with the skin to give visible results.